1. @GameGyu88: We ate hot pot! We were full… so we walked back to Hotel together ㅋㅋ

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  2. cinnappo:

    Hello everyone! We are holding a support project in the midst of all the hate that Sungmin has been receiving, in hopes that we might be able to make his heart a little lighter.

    So, if you have a few words of support you’d like to pass along to Sungmin, our project is another…


  3. The relationship between a fan and an idol/artiste is just like a business relationship. The artiste’s performance is the product, and we are the consumers. So what we are essentially buying is simply their performances. And this transaction is no different from us going to buy any other product, for example an iPhone. So let’s say I love the iPhone, and I go to extremes to get my hands on the latest model, and buying all the other accessories that come with it. I am spending the money out of my own free will. But I would not care if the owner of Apple gets married or what, as long as they continue producing quality products.
    So, it’s the same as us spending money on albums, concerts, merchandise and others stuff of our favorite artiste. Cuz from the start, their job is to perform, and their performance is what they are selling. And we buy it because we like it. So unless the quality of the product ( in this case the performance ) drops, there is no reason why we stop supporting an artiste just because he/she has a (normal) private life that we disapprove.

    Side note: I feel that there must always be reasons behind every action a person makes. So why are we judging or jumping to conclusions when we do not know the real reasons behind?


  4. "Let’s walk to the end together as SJ, and be together our whole lives"
    —  Ryeowook (Sukira | 141014)

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  5. The reason why Korean ELF turn their back against Sungmin


    While international fans express their happiness for Sungmin getting married, but not with Korean fans. I was only translating what appeared on my timeline. I got too ask few random korean elf on twitter if they are angry, and they said yes. they are disappointed at Sungmin. Why? Below is the reason.

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  6. This essay, I’ve written for months and edited hundreds of times. The day I publish this, is when you first announce your marriage.

    Why did I write such a long eessay.. Because I totally understand how every fan who loves you feels about this statement. It’s like a bomb, that will cause…

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  7. SM says that nothing will change between Super Junior’s future activities in relation to Sungmin’s marriage

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  8. whatever it is, i hope that his marriage and his impending enlistment won’t pressurize him to leave the group. they should know that if he does leave the group, it would be the real breaking point for all of us.

    i rather they continue as an idol group that has married members.

    supporting them always, but maybe, it’s enough news for this year.


  9. Title: To.
    Message: To. Everyone Who Allowed the Current Me to Exist
    <Dear. E.L.F>

    Hello, this is Sungmin.
    What words to say first… I thought of it countless times, even just the first sentence.
    I wrote and deleted countless times, and while doing that, I could remember the thankful…


  10. I think the shock/disappointment/anger/all the feels comes not from the fact that sungmin is getting married, or who he is marrying, but from the sudden appearance of the news itself.
    Too unexpected.
    Too too unexpected.

    I really hope he is happy.