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Before his debut, Kangin came to the practice room with a bunch of rice cakes. The staff and other trainees asked why he bought so much when he doesn’t even like rice cakes and he just said he bought it to share with everyone and left the bags before leaving. His manager came in later and explained that Kangin couldn’t pass by a grandma selling rice cakes out on the cold streets and bought them all despite not having much money himself.


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140504 Sungmin delayed his enlistment so he will be in 7jib^^


In case anyone is wondering where Sungmin is now, he’s mostly at home for the Korea holidays and today his grandmother came to visit ^^ He delayed enlistment so he will still be in 7jib & left a comment on livsm’s naver blog too lol

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TVXQ is a group formed by taking the best members out of three idol teams. Super Junior is a group with the rest of those members. Because of that, there was a large difference in skill, which is why they had to grit their teeth to work to become the world’s greatest idols. It’s a result I myself didn’t expect.

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because being an idol doesn’t need ONLY skills and talents but a character that would outshine the rest, the one that ONLY Super Junior has.

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Make me choose:

Anonymous asked: Bonamana or Sorry Sorry

SJ the only KPOP idols who don’t need an ANTI for they have a very good work insulting themselves.

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Who’s to say we have finished?

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