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    Kim Junghoon’s Wedding (SJ’s manager-PrinceManager )

    more photos :[X]

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  3. duckming:

    First things first, I’m sorry if I dont have those fancy photos right now. Everything’s chaotic with regards to SJ so yeah..

    As it is stated, this will be my second giveaway. I wanted a separate giveaway for AASJ and 7jib but I wasnt able to do so because of RL things.

    Anyways, rules!


  4. Article: Super Junior wins #1 on ‘Inkigayo’… grand slam on this week’s music shows

    Source: OSEN via Naver

    1. [+2,394, -610] Kim Ryeowook’s live is the best thumbs up

    2. [+1,948, -481] What to do with these men looking all serious as they shove their mics in Donghae’s face ㅋㅋ…

  5. girlyhyukjae:

    These guys were ridiculed for what they lack, for their age, for their longevity as a group and for simply being members of Super Junior. But in the end, they came out to prove the doubters wrong and to exceed the expectations of those who believe. The Last Man Standing will always “Kill Them All”


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  6. Q. Can you make a special promise if SJ wins on music program?
    A. Since SJ members are not around me at this moment, I’ll make a personal promise. I’ll take off my wig on stage. Or at least, I’ll pretend that it slipped off. Haha….

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  7. Mamacita music shows all-kill - WE DID IT!

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  8. Leeteuk said it’s last stage today and to meet in a repackaged album

    @/bloomingblues 정수오빠가 오늘 막방이고 리팩에서 만나요~래요

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  9. Mamacita voting..win



    So SuperJunior wins 3 times and all the sudden everyone stops voting…  Heck where letting the other group win in M Countdown..51.8 to our measly 28.9.. Wow…. it wasn’t just a day or two ago that all the Elfs said we have to show the boys our love by winning awards… lol  Well what happen?




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    (There is a special extra giveaway for tumblr users! Do read the tumblr giveaway section!)

    Hello everyone! I decided to give away some MAMACITA albums to ELF that deserve to have them! Are you interested on getting an album? Until now I am thinking on giving away around 3 or 4 albums. I will…